Some questions for you guys! ;D

fotad och redigerad av mig©

And I would be really happy if you would answer the following questions
♥ What´s your favorit flower?? :o)
♥ How old are you?? :o)
what´s your favorit animal??:o)
what do you like to read about?? :o)

I have no idea why i wrote this in english but that´s maybe fun?? ^.^
Btw what do you think about the picture that´s my favorit flower :o)

Postat av: H

My favorite flower is... snödroppe xD

I'm 13 years old :D

My favorite animal is cat I think. And horses.

On the blog or in books ? I lika to read about photos xD and it have to be a fun blog with lists and other stuff. not just text about what you have done all day long :p so I like this blog ;)

In books I like lovestorys with much text xD I also like fantasy, and "feelgood-books" :p

Orkidéer is very nice, but they don-t look so real... they look like too perfect, if you get what I mean ? But they're beautiful.

Sometimes I want to write on english too ^^,

2010-01-23 @ 20:21:24

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bloglovin Hej jag heter Anna och är 12 år. Jag gillar att fotografera, rita, segla, lyssna på musik m.m. Jag fotar med en Canon EOS 400D:)vill du läsa mer om min kamera?:P Tryck här
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